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Relax, mom!

2017. szeptember 28. - MiRe

In the past 5 years all my deepest life experiences have been connected with motherhood. The high and low emotions of waiting for a life to be formed, pregnancy, birth, and the exhausting but still invaluable intimate periods of baby care have been supported by shiatsu and cranio sacral therapy that I am still highly grateful to, because they have given me strength, harmony and stability to smoothly integrate these life changing events into my life.


It has been my very own flesh and blood experience to learn to release deep-seated fears and obstacles in my body and soul, and to be able to open up for a new life through shiatsu and cranio sacral therapy. I gained energy for my pregnancy when I was giving shiatsu therapy myself. During the breastfeeding, non-sleeping period, my neck, shoulders and back needed to release stiffness and pain, and my whole body had to be strengthened and guided to find new integration. My children reaching toddler age, me daily managing sibling conflicts, I craved for stress release, full relaxation to fill me up with new energies so that I could keep on giving to whom I cared for. All this I could do with the help of holistic bodywork therapies, shiatsu, cranio, do-in, yoga.

Based on these experiences I have developed the firm belief that mothers can immensely profit from therapies that release bodily and emotional tension. To this end I am developing a special program for mothers with two of my colleagues. In the near future we will be working for moms' well being where all sessions and treatments will be tailored to the individual needs of the mother. The methods will always be chosen from a great variety of holistic bodywork therapies such as shiatsu, cranio sacral therapy osteopathy, also applying do-in or chikung practices if necessary. We plan to give psychological support on a general counselling basis (clinical problems will be passed on to specialists.) Beyond mother life coach support, we will be offering a network of highly trained professionals specialising in baby care and all the challenges a mother may face. Our friends and colleagues will include perinatal care counsellors, baby wearing or breast feeding specialists, and parental coaches, to name a few experts only.

We believe that for happy and harmonious babies and children, happy and emotionally secure mothers and partners needed. Keeping this in mind, we believe that there is a good chance to see an emotionally healthy and happy generation appear. As therapists and councellors focusing on moms, we seek to help mothers only, offering them support to enrich their lives with the joy of flexible bodies, the stability of emotions and the centeredness of the mind.

 My contact: rekashiatsu@gmail.com

 Photo from:  http://www.thecentre.com.cy/blog/can-i-get-shiatsu-treatment-while-i%E2%80%99m-pregnant

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