Testi és érzelmi blokkok oldásáról shiatsu alapú holisztikus testmunka terápiával

Test-lélek oldás

Relax, mom!

2017. szeptember 28. - MiRe

In the past 5 years all my deepest life experiences have been connected with motherhood. The high and low emotions of waiting for a life to be formed, pregnancy, birth, and the exhausting but still invaluable intimate periods of baby care have been supported by shiatsu and cranio sacral therapy that…


What is shiatsu?

The experience of shiatsu from the therapist’s perspective

Shiatsu is a realm where everything is connected. Body with body (the therapist‘s body with the client’s body) Body party with other body parts (in the client) Body with soul (connecting present and past via freeing emotions and bodily sensations as shiatsu touches and releases the physical…