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What is shiatsu?

The experience of shiatsu from the therapist’s perspective

2017. szeptember 28. - MiRe

Shiatsu is a realm where everything is connected.


  • Body with body (the therapist‘s body with the client’s body)
  • Body party with other body parts (in the client)
  • Body with soul (connecting present and past via freeing emotions and bodily sensations as shiatsu touches and releases the physical traces and tensions of the past in the present moment)
  • Integrating ourselves (both the client and the therapist) as a whole during the session.

Shiatsu is connection. Art and science, physchotheraphy and psychology.

I started this blog with the aim of presenting the wonderful world of shiatsu to as many people as possible. Most of all, I would like to collect records of shiatsu experiences both from clients and therapists because each session is unique yet all of them tell us stories about the deep connection with ourselves which enables healing.

Shiatsu is holistic and is far more than a massage technique to release locomotor disorders. Indeed, we might be surprised to find after a session that not only a tense neck is healed but our digestion is also improved, and even an old problem of menstrual cramp will disappear. I will later write about what can be healed with shiatsu (and what cannot) and how shiatsu works or could work if applied.

There is a lot of information that can be reached about shiatsu on the internet. Here is my extremely short summary: based on ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine, shiatsu was improved and put together in Japan. It involves pressing acupunctural points and meridians.

Later I will expand on shiatsu, attempting to give a more detailed and complex definition as well as relating the history of shiatsu on this blog. For an introduction, I find it more interesting, however, how a therapist views and experiences shiatsu. Here is how I see, feel and think what shiatsu is. 

In my opinion shiatsu is Art.

Shiatsu is far from a mechanical way of pressing specific points in the body that even a massage chair could manage. It is rather a complex physical, intellectual and spiritual performance resembling the scene when a musician is playing her instrument. It requires knowledge, experience, sensitivity, and talent. While meridians and acupunctural points are the strings of the musical instrument, the shiatsu therapist is the musician; she is capable of playing her instrument only if she sensitively relates to, indeed, she is “in concert” with the muscial instrument. She not only finds out which strings are too tight but also which are too loose. She is a brilliant guitarist whose play both recognizes the condition of the instrument’s (that is, the body’s) strings and tunes them up to produce harmonious music. 

(English translation to be continued...)

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